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Yuuyamiko | OC Application

Postby Bread Basket » Sat Jun 13, 2015 7:42 pm


Name: Yuuyamiko

Age: 660

Species: Manifestation of the fear of strange shadows

Power/Ability: Shadow Puppetry

After their parents hushed them to bed and blew out the lights, many children find that being alone in the dark is on the top of the list of 'the most frightening situations to be in.'
It doesn't help that some children are sent to bed with too much energy and are still expected to remain in bed during the dark of the night.
Children find themselves tossing and turning, looking for a comfortable position.
Eyes flicker about the room restlessly for something to focus onto.

Until something interesting catches their eyes: the sight of a cat's shadow casted through the window.
Curiosity struck the child, and they stumble over to the window to see friendly creature.
...But they find that the cat isn't there.

'How boring!'
The cat had already left.

The child hobbles back to bed and attempt to get cozy once again.
When their eyes wander back over to the window, they notice that the cat's shadow was still there.
Before the child could even decide to get up to look again, they notice that the cat's shadow pads towards them, appearing to slink into the rest of the darkness in the room.

But the sound of a cat walking towards them could be heard on the wooden floor.
And when they look, the cat is not physically there.

And when the creature was close enough...
"Meeeooooooow..." sounded directly into the child's ear. ( Ears, even. The sound was heard so vividly. )
And it isn't until the child feels the scraping of claws along their cheek that they decide to shriek.


Lucky for the child, their parents came to the rescue!
The child insisted that there was a cat! A cat that scratched their cheek!
There was no mark present, and the parents insisted that it was simply a bad dream.

Unbeknownst to everyone in the room, the shadow that had creeped the child had already slinked out of the home.
But it's not like anyone was actually looking for it.

General things to note + appearance:
http://safebooru.org/index.php?page=pos ... id=1380866
http://safebooru.org/index.php?page=pos ... &id=744675

Yuuyamiko's true form is a (tangible) shadowy blob. She has the ability to mimic the appearance of many creatures and is even capable of having a more human form, but the latter is very rare.
Said blob can grow bigger so it may become bigger things. Like a horde of cats!!
It is very good to note that Yuuyamiko is very interested in cats and rarely takes a form other than a cat.
Yuuyamiko is also capable of changing into an actual shadow. She can be driven out of this form with bright lights.

Yuuyamiko tends to people watch through the shadows, so she is generally well-informed about incidents. People like Marisa, Reimu, Sanae... they're pretty much reason enough to not rouse up too much trouble. But even before Yuuyamiko knew well about them, she refrained from actually hurting anybody as she never saw any reason to. She got her fill from scaring children and the general populace of the Human Village.
Observing and mimicking came naturally to her as a shadow and she became knowledgeable about a range of things like the opening hours of shops, where she can get quick and easy eats when the shopkeeper is nodding off, and even the laughable village gossip...

For a youkai that knows well, though, she is very timid.
To Yuuyamiko, there was no room for an established relationship with humans when her existence relied on making them fear her. She knows well that in the state of fear, humans (and even youkai) do irrational and often very harmful things to quell the feeling. As a creature that strikes fear into hearts, she feared for her life more than her interest in forging a more apparent relationship with humans.

Yuuyamiko lacks the experience of speaking with others, so her speech is limited to conversations she has heard and the creatures she mimics and shadows. When she does try, she pieces conversations and phrases that she had previously heard... but it comes out as a jumbled mess. She refrains to speak at all due to how little sense she knows she makes.
...It isn't very wise to make fun of her when this happens as Yuuyamiko catches onto mistakes as quickly as she makes them and it'll probably make her cry.
Another good thing to note is that she would hate being talked down to like a kid, even though her speech has been stunted due to her timidness.
Good luck finding a way to talk to her, though, because she instinctively runs when there's even a hint of suspicion in the air.

[ Look at "General things to note + appearance" for more.]

Yuuyamiko is capable of creating illusions to an extent. Like the scratch on the child in the story. They only work on people in fear, though.
She also has the ability to create semi-tangible shadows via shadow puppetry.
They take the same form as her and she's able to control them... or, if she wanted, they could be semi-sentient. Yuuyamiko is able to see through them as well.

In the case that someone has the intent to harm her, Yuuyamiko will not hesitate to take an offensive stance!
...Except she is more likely to blend in with actual shadows to avoid confrontation.
If Yuuyamiko escape wasn't an option, she'd probably throw shadow blob cats at you.
Clearly this is not the full extent of her power...


- Yuuyamiko mostly takes on the form of a cat. She mimicked them enough to be a very believable cat, really. She must be intrigued by them…

- Nocturnal. Absolutely abhors the sun. May even burn in contact with sunlight, who knows. * Only awake during the day for special cases.

- Yuuyamiko is considerably elusive and quick. I wouldn't play hide-and-seek with her because she's hard to find. She can easily be halfway across Gensoukyou in less than a minute if she wanted to...

- Due to her lighthearted fun, she tends to give birth to new youkai that are usually short-lived due to extermination services and lack of belief.
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Re: Yuuyamiko | OC Application

Postby Firefluff » Sat Jun 13, 2015 8:00 pm



Welllllllll, seems fine enough to me...~


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Re: Yuuyamiko | OC Application

Postby Dryhavich » Sat Jun 13, 2015 8:10 pm

Just a note with regards to backstory:

A fully-fleshed-out backstory is something that is not necessary in most instances, especially when most of how a character's traits and quirks came to be can be explained in an anecdote (or are not necessarily too complicated). However, I would personally recommend fleshing your backstory section out a bit. You could give some basic information about the context in which Yuuyamiko came to be, and how she adopted such a timid personality. Small potatoes, yes. This is certainly not required, but highly recommended, and could be accomplished at a later date.
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