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Application: Katsuragi | Canon

Postby acecipher » Sun May 10, 2015 7:45 am

Name: IJN Katsuragi
Age: 71 (Launched 19 January 1944)
Gender: Female
Species: Kanmusume

The Katsuragi was the last Aircraft Carrier finished before the war. She never saw significant wartime action, even less than her sister Amagi. However, she served as a transit in the postwar period, doing repatriation duty for several outposts throughout the South Pacific, even while still being repaired from damage sustained during the war.

Though she was scrapped in 1946, she felt a faint tug before finding herself washed upon the shores of Mitsukojima Island, still missing her air wing, and with a weird being in front of her. After a brief, tense argument, the 'Youkai' mentioned her orders to sortie to the Marshall Islands and meet the naval base there, and she set off forthwith to race across the seas to her new home.

Katsuragi is a very, very proud ship, trying constantly to stand out from her peers. When given a task, this can draw out the best in her: She will dive right in to any assignment she is given, giving it all of her effort, relentlessly persuing her goals to see them done, and done the best they can be. Due to this, she will probably seem agressive and mean, though she doesn't mean any personal offense.
However, this is a double-edged sword, as she can also fall into petty jealousy of others who outperform her, often fuming silently and plotting ways to do better than them next time. However, she isn't one to take it personally, and even if she will have a temper afterwards, won't do anything to 'get back at' any 'rivals' she may have.
She is usually a bit of a stoic, and though not very religious at all, follows some principles loosely based on Buddhism, and has made meditation and breathing exercizes a regular part of her training (with the thankful side effect of helping her control her hot head a bit, though this can't be said for her mouth). As another side effect, she will accept any mission given to her, even humble transport runs.
Due to her work ethic, she's not the most social shipgirl. She still has her deisres for company, however, but prefers to socialize in small, private groups rather than large get-togethers, and has no small ammount of stagefrieght when having to address crowds. However, when standing besides people she trusts, this is lessend significantly.

Historical Armament:
6 × 2 – 12.7 cm/40 Type 89 anti-aircraft guns
22 × 3, 30 × 1 – 25 mm (0.98 in) Type 96 AA guns
6 × 28 - 12 cm (4.7 in) AA rocket launchers

She never recieved her air wing, and is still waiting for them to be loaded on to her. It is probably the first thing she will demand upon reaching port.

- Unryuu: Her eldest sister. She's quite jealous of the carrier for her accomplishments, even if they aren't exactly glorious in and of themselves. She competes fiercely with her, bringing about her best sometimes, and overexerting herself many others. However, the relationship of the siblings is still positive: she would always take a torpedo for her sister.
- Amagi: Her other older sister, she has a significantly less agressive attitude towards, but still a small tinge of jealousy for having been able to be a mere air defense platform. This spurs Katsuragi to try to 'compete' with her second sister whenever they are tested in combat, often trying too hard and resulting in just as many missteps as her less-confident sister. However, Katsuragi still has respect for her older sister (when she has her act together).

- None yet?

Trivia / Notes / Other:
- Available as reward from the Spring 2015 Event from clearing E-2
-She eventually wants to meet up with her sisters, and always feels a heavy
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Re: Application: Katsuragi | Canon

Postby Firefluff » Sun May 10, 2015 7:47 am

I'm seeing nothing wrong with this, so...


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