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Nyanner Fluffaluffagus | OC

Postby NekomimiRex » Wed Apr 01, 2015 9:45 am


Name: Lady Nyanner Fluffaluffagus III Furmeister Supreme, Avatar of Adorable, Queen Cutiepie, Jr.
Power: Supreme Manipulation Of Cuteness

One day a scientist was really bored, so he decided to make the perfect little girl. Sugar, spice, and everything nice, he stirred it all up to have the perfect formula, when he accidentally added another ingredient, CHEMICAL X. Causing a chain reaction, he was thrown back against the wall as something he didn't expect was created. The Powerpuff Girls MY ORIGINAL CHARACTER, Nyanner. Nyanner was so cute that the scientist instantly died.
Nyanner then set out on her personal quest to the world's greatest pop star idol, using her power of being ridiculously cute to eventually take over the world, and everyone loved her forever.

Nyanner has the power to be the cutest thing ever. She has infinite charisma and can make everyone like her. Even people who do not like cute things cannot resist her charm because she is that irresistible and cute and adorable. Nyanner can make other things around her cute to amplify her cuteness because ugly things being near her would make her less cute by area of effect ugliness. but because she is the cutest she makes everything around her look cuter even though it all is uglier by comparison.
This ability is super powerful and even the gods adore her because she is the best that no one ever was, to catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause!
anyway she is the most powerfuly cute thing ever and not even yukari can beat her because she'll just charm her to death because she's that cute

Nyanner is cute and she is like a cute kitty and she says "~Nya!" all the time because that's adorable and cute. Cute is mostly her defining feature and that dictates her personality because if she weren't cute then her character wouldn't make any sense. Everything she does makes you go 'aww' and makes you want to pet her and hug her and lover her and call her George. But her name isn't george it's Nyanner, nya!
Anyway think of something cute and that's how she will appear to be like because her power is being cute to everyone, all the time, for everyone, forever.

this is a completely serious character application and i intend to rp with it and make everyone in gensokyo love her because shes the best nya
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Re: Nyanner Fluffaluffagus | OC

Postby Plushy » Wed Apr 01, 2015 9:49 am


Now get out there and cute the sun. I think it could use a hug!
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