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Alice Margatroid | Canon *Edited Version*

Postby Geomatic » Mon Sep 29, 2014 9:32 pm


The Seven-Colored Puppeteer

Species: Magician, formerly human.
Age: Around 100 years old. But looks to be in her early twenties, or late teens.
Occupation: Doll Maker
Location: A house in the Forest of Magic.
Personality: Caring and protective, easily excitable. Usually friendly to those she likes, but can become flustered and annoyed when around those she dislikes. She doesn't lie about anything she says, and gets quite angry when people lie to her. She has a twisted sense of humor, finding the some of the most morbid things amusing, although this is on a small-scale, seeing from her being easily excitable, she can be scared by this stuff too, but always have a good laugh afterwards. She is quite adamant about certain decisions she makes, or things she wants to do, and would take a lot of convincing to stop her. She isn't very eager for conversation, but if she gets the chance she will at least give it the effort. Most likely due to her being a former human, she doesn't attack humans, much. A indoors kind of person, but she does go out and do activities in Gensoukyou, from attending festivals to just roaming.
Power: Magic, manipulation of dolls.
Theme: Mechanical Doll ~ 絡繰りドール
Battle Theme: Doll Judgment ~ 人形裁判
Danger Level: Low
Power Level: Medium - Very High (This depends on equipment. Normally Alice is medium, but with her grimoire, she can range in between high and very high.)
Friendship Level: High

Backstory: The time in between the Lotus Land Story and Mystic Square events. Alice as an adept magician at the age of 25, well, adept for a human at least, decided to explore the depths of Makai, to train and try to discover her own way to 'immortality'. There were a few things keeping her from doing so at first, such as getting past the gatekeeper of Makai, and the poisonous miasma that filled its air. After challenging the gatekeeper named Sara to a duel, and after successfully defeating Sara, Alice had earned entrance to Makai. The next problem would be the miasma. Alice collected a sample of the poisonous gas that filled Makai, and proceeded to preform experiments on it. After having preformed a bit of her own magic on herself, thanks to the help of the sample, she had gained the ability to breath this toxic miasma that filled Makai's air without harm to herself.

After solving her breathing problem, Alice carried on through the gates of Makai, only to encounter the energy demon YuugenMagan. After a duel with this demon, Alice came out as the victor and had made her way into Makai properly. As she wandered the lands, defeating or tricking any minor demons that decided to attack her along the way, she had encountered a rather powerful adversary -- a maid, Yumeko, who demanded for Alice to come with her, or die. After a moment of thought, Alice accepted and came along with Yumeko willingly, mostly due to her not wanting to end up dead within just a few moments from reaching her goal.

After Yumeko had brought Alice to the ruler of Makai -- the demon goddess Shinki no Mikoto, and a chat of what Alice wanted in Makai(To train and possibly find her way to immortality) and after she had came to an agreement with Shinki, in return of Shinki giving her a home inside Makai, Alice agreed to letting Shinki study her(This also leading to the creation of Little Alice). Alice set off to find this little place of land Shinki had given her, and soon enough, Alice had found her Wonderland.

As the Mystic Square events had occurred, and yet soon after them, Alice had found herself in an encounter, with four- rather powerful-looking heroines, known as. Reimu, Marisa, Mima, and Yuuka, and in this heavily outmatched fight against them, Alice had been defeated. After this defeat, and a long time to think, Alice, after packing her stuff and doing some other things, started to make her way back to Gensoukyou, and back to her home in The Forest of Magic.

As the Perfect Cherry Blossom came to pass, this left Alice with a a second encounter with two of the heroines that defeated her in Makai-- Reimu and Marisa. After yet another fight, she told them where to go to solve this incident. Although somewhat happy with herself for helping solve an incident, she still felt rather sore from the fight. And many more incidents happened after this one, most of them Alice was involved in some way, either a suspect -- or just being there to help. She has also worked on her own magic, doll manipulation being a key-role in one of her major experiments. The Goliath Doll, still in building phase as of now, from a Crino attack ruining said doll. But Alice has been working on it for a long time now, and soon enough, she will complete it. This leaves us with present-day Alice, and her time spent in Gensoukyou.

More may be added at a later time.


Ability & Strength: She does not find it enjoyable to win battles with overwhelming power and is more interested in strategy, so she usually fights with power that is a little above that of the opponent and always holds back even if it means losing. It is because if she were defeated using her true strength, then there would be nothing left afterwards. It is unknown if this is fundamental to her personality, or if this is simply something she judged as an efficient strategy that her secret skills should not be shown.

Phantom-seeing: Possibly due to an encounter with a certain half-ghost, she has learned how to tell the difference inbetween living, and non-living beings.

Magic(Doll Manipulation): As a result from her magician training, she has become rather well with using magic, mostly focusing on Doll Manipulation.

Weapons & Artifacts:

Alice's Dolls: As her specialty is making dolls, she is also able to manipulate a great amount of dolls at the same time. This skillfulness is among the finest in Gensokyo. She is able to make her dolls move pretty much any way humans can, and other than that she can make multiple dolls perform different actions, sometimes making them cooperate and sometimes making them move completely asynchronously, such that to onlookers around her, it might not seem like she is manipulating them. Her dolls are mostly known by the names, Shanghai and Hourai.

Shanghai(Left), Hourai(Right)

Grimoire of Alice: A book Alice has been writing in since she was old enough to, filling it with the various magics she has studied and observed. Not exactly 'the ultimate magic' but if someone was trying to find something like it, this grimoire could be the closest that person could ever get.



Marisa Kirisame: A Good friend and fellow magician, Alice has helped Marisa out on multiple occasions and vice-versa.

Little Alice: Finding out that Little Alice was the result of letting Shinki study Alice left her with a bad taste in her mouth, but after meeting Little Alice a few times, Alice has grown attached to her, treating her as a little sister from time-to-time.

Reimu Hakurei: Viewed as an acquaintance, Reimu was one of the two who defeated her in battle in both Makai and Gensoukyou, Alice shows slight dislike of Reimu sometimes, but can usually stand to be around her, and be somewhat friendly, besides it can always be a good thing to be on the shrine maiden's 'good' side.

Hobbies: Doll Making, obviously.

Trivia: Alice doesn't really need the magic strings she uses to control her dolls, she uses them as a way to not scare any humans when she shows her powers off. And she likes them as a personal preference. Fitting for her title as well.
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Re: Alice Margatroid | Canon

Postby Plushy » Tue Sep 30, 2014 9:28 am

Right, since I'm the player in charge of Shinki, and thus also Makai, I suppose this particular app falls under my jurisdiction- at least as far as the Makai-related things are concerned..

Geomatic wrote:Long before Mystic Square, Alice had wandered into Makai during her training to study magic as a whole. She new many of the demons of Makai knew plenty of interesting magical techniques, and Alice had a burning curiosity to see what she could find on the matter. She fought her way through Makai, taking notes on what she had found. Unknowingly to her, that she was being watched by the creator and ruler of Makai, Shinki-no-Mikoto. Alice wandered far into the depths of Makai, and stumbled right into the world now known as Wonderland, and with it, the Grimoire of Alice. When Alice had first found this Grimoire, she had gone somewhat power crazy, as she turned the place she found the Grimoire into her own personal world inside a world.

Okay- first off, the gate way. Sara- and then on the inside, YuugenMagan. How did she get past the two? In addition to this, how does Alice survive the incredibly toxic Miasma of Makai?

Then there's the issue of most demons within Makai not actually being that magically gifted, and instead the majority of them rely on sheer brute strength and fighting skill to defeat their enemies. Those would be the majority of the demons that would have come from Makai- though that would be, as you said "Long before Mystic Square", so there wouldn't be a lot of knowledge of demons, let alone the specific kinds of demons within Makai.

You're correct- if she had managed to enter Makai, she would be watched. Not only would she have been watched, but she would have had an encounter with Yumeko- who would have either brought her to Shinki, or would report back to Shinki that she couldn't. In both cases, it would end up with Shinki directly speaking to Alice.

Wonderland. Not only wonderland- which Alice somehow took control over from Shinki- but a grimoire in wonderland. Shinki wouldn't simply let a grimoire simply sit some place for somebody to find. It would be in her own personal library, under lock and key.

As for Wonderland, it is a possibility that Shinki would have provided Alice with a small plot of land for her stay- though Alice would have no control farther than building things with her own two hands.

Geomatic wrote:Weapons & Artifacts:
Grimoire of Alice: A book Alice obtained in Makai, said to hold "the ultimate magic", Alice can usually be seen carrying around a locked book, widely assumed to be this Grimoire in its sealed form, due to her habit of never fighting at full strength. Her Grimoire can be seen as a somewhat weaker version of Little Alice's, but still just as effective when it comes to using it.

Even in Gensoukyou, you don't just find a Grimoire laying about. As I mentioned before, Shinki would have essentially every grimoire or magical text locked up in her own personal library- as to keep the demon masses from gaining too much power and attempting an uprising.

If you need assistance with sorting out the issues I mentioned, talk with me on IRC. If I'm available or not otherwise occupied, I'll be happy to help you sort things out.
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Re: Alice Margatroid | Canon

Postby Geomatic » Tue Sep 30, 2014 9:42 am

I will begin working on solving these problems. Thank you for pointing them out.

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