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Application: Mutsu | Canon

Postby Kiri » Fri Sep 19, 2014 4:22 am

Name: Mutsu
Age: 93
Gender: Female
Species: Ship Youma (Nagato-class)

Mutsu didn't have a very extensive military history; she was started out as a project, the second Yamato-class ship, until a treaty was brought into existence: all warships would be scrapped. The Japanese managed to negotiate with America, thus making it so she wasn’t taken down, but the Americans got 2 extra warships. She was constructed and rolled out by the year 1920, and had an extensive history of helping out in disaster situations. Then the second world war began, and Mutsu had a very short history of action. She sortied for the Bonin Islands as long-range support for the Pearl Harbor attack, and then returned in 6 days. After this, she was assigned to the Main Body of the First Fleet in the Battle of Midway, and when Yamamoto attempted to draw out the Americans, they retreated. After this, Mutsu was reassigned once more, this time to Battleship Division 2 and then the Advance Force of the Second Fleet. She went to the Guadalcanal Campaign next, escorting some destroyers, and saw her only action during that campaign. During it, she was sent to search for the USS Long Island, and didn’t find it. Then, during the Battle of Eastern Solomons, she fired 4 shells at a Reconnaissance Aircraft of the enemy. This was her last action in the war, and she returned from the ocean before refuelling an ally oil tanker with supplementary fuels.

However, now she was about to die. A fire broke off in one of her guns which was sabotaged, with an incendiary round bursting into it, which caused a chain reaction with her body being cut into two as a result. The ship sunk, and was thought to be lost.

Not so. She was raised in the early 2010s, to fight against the force of the Abyssal Fleet, and as such, her senses first overwhelmed her when she was raised. She tested her new body, liking the feel of it. So her adventure was about to continue…
When surrounded by her allies, Mutsu can be kind and fairly generous; she treats them like her family. She likes to speak in long sentences, and occasionally, she begins to ramble about how one person is great, and kind, and generous, and generally compliments them. However, whenever someone brings up fire as a subject, she instantly attempts to change it, mentioning some of the worse situations in the world like the death of babies in India or the war in Israel and Gaza, which the others see as distasteful. She is fairly quiet and dainty, however, and a demure lady.

By herself, Mutsu tends to think of herself as unworthy to be in battle; she hates the idea that she's seen as a horrible fighter due to her small amount of service, but in a case of doublethink, she tends to believe herself as inferior to everyone else. She does generally tend to be loud and boisterous in her lonesome, however, due to a case of disliking fully showing herself off to anyone else except at times her sister. She also tends to jump to conclusions through ridiculously entangled webs of thought and exclaim them aloud while alone.

Mutsu also likes to use 'Oh my' a fair amount, and generally tends to speak about her sabotage in horrified terms. Whenever fire is even mentioned, she speaks about how you shouldn't play with it, which in itself is fairly suspect. Also, she tends to take great care in her clothes and makeup, and if her clothes are even a bit torn, she generally tends to take hours at the very least repairing them ridiculously meticulously. And she prefers people to judge her by her face, rather than her breasts.

All in all, Mutsu is generally an intelligent lady, if rather shy around people except her sister. She gets more boisterous when with people she's more comfortable with, and tends to think of her 'accident as a horrible occurrence in her life. Also, she is quite the scatterbrain, with a penchant for jumping to conclusions fairly fast. She's also extremely interested in her appearance, and prefers people to judge her by her face than her other, more flattering, assets.

Historical: 8 45-caliber 410mm twin-gun superfiring turrets; 20 50-caliber 140mm guns, 8 40-caliber 127mm dual-purpose guns; 2 submerged 533mm torpedo tubes; 20 96mm light AA guns; Mitsubishi F1M Biplanes
Armaments (modern):
41cm Naval Gun Mount
14cm Naval Gun
Type 0 Recon Seaplane

Behaviour in battle:
Mutsu tends to hang back from the battle, taking potshots at the enemy with her large guns. She does, however, approach the enemy when absolutely needed. She moves slowly for a ship - only 24 knots - but she has powerful Anti-Air weaponry and a huge amount of ship-to-ship firepower, which she tends to aim directly at enemies. Mutsu, when in battle, also likes to send out her aircraft to attack any ships that are incoming or have decided to retreat - they also spot for her. Because of this, Mutsu tends to fire from outside of her range where people don't see.

She has a high tolerance for enemy missiles and the like, as her armour protects her, although she doesn't usually see combat with these enemies. Her engines which allow her to walk on water after her revival as a youma let her run fast enough that if the enemy notices her, she'll be far away already and need the enemy to catch up - they probably would, but in a long amount of time. Also, because Mutsu has anti-air, she can attack enemy aircraft attempting to converge on her, and as such, survive for longer. When in battle with Nagato, however, the two tend to attack together, piercing the enemy lines.

- Nagato: Nagato is Mutsu’s older sister; the two of them have a close relationship. Although they argue a lot, Mutsu and Nagato do like each other, and Mutsu considers Nagato the stronger ship. Mutsu refers to Nagato as Onee-san.

- HMS Nelson: The HMS Nelson was an enemy ship; the two ships never met in battle during World War 2.
- HMS Rodney: The HMS Rodney was an enemy ship; the two ships never met in battle during World War 2.
- USS Colorado: The USS Colorado was an enemy ship; the two ships never met in battle during World War 2.
- USS Maryland: The USS Maryland was an enemy ship; the two ships never met in battle during World War 2.
- USS West Virginia: The USS West Virginia was an enemy ship; the two ships never met in battle during World War 2.

Trivia / Notes / Other:
Mutsu is commonly associated with a slug; she also likes to wear horns on her head. She also uses a paper fan, which she flips open when she's being demure.
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Re: Application: Mutsu | Canon

Postby null » Fri Sep 19, 2014 1:18 pm

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