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Application: Cirno | Canon

Postby Kiri » Sun Sep 07, 2014 3:09 am

Name: Cirno
Gender: Female
Species: Fairy
Age: 100
Location: Misty Lake
Power: Cold Manipulation
Danger Level: Low
Power Level: Medium
Friendship Level: Normal

Cirno is a fairly recently born fairy, only manifesting in the last hundred years. She was born out in the forest of magic, with no other fairies nearby, in the middle of an icy-cold winter, left to fend for herself as all other fairies had gone and stayed in their warm homes. As Cirno came into existence, her mind was childish as a 7 year-old's. She had to grow up fast, however, as Youkai were on the prowl, due to the winter. Cirno soon enough learnt tricks and strategies, in a prank-like fashion, to keep the weaker youkai away, after she had died and revived several times.

The youkai eventually wisened up to Cirno's tricks, and as such Cirno had learnt to use her power more offensively, skewering the Youkai in their hearts and killing them, believing that they, like her, would just revive the next day. As time went on, however, fewer and fewer feral Youkai approached Cirno's home, and she wondered where they had gone. However, little did she know that feral youkai did not revive, and were instead eaten by other feral youkai. Only one feral youkai kept coming - and they were only feral due to their personality - Rumia.

Then, when the winter ended, Cirno met other fairies, who were weaker than her, and they led her to the lake where the fairies flitted about and played. As she grew older, her maturity grew only slightly, as she felt like she needed to take care of the other fairies, even as she played with them. Then, the first flower incident happened, after several years of protecting and playing with other fairies. Cirno wondered about it, but dismissed it, to remember it years later.

Her power grew, until she was the strongest fairy in all of Gensokyo, just recently. Then, the greater Youkai began to take an interest in her; it was obvious that within the next few decades Cirno would have ascended to full deity-hood, due to her sheer power for a fairy; Cirno didn't know this, however, and was perfectly content with just having fun and danmaku battles. Then, she ran into the incident-solvers, the first year of Gensokyo's new, and hectic, age.

Cold Manipulation: Cirno can manipulate the cold in objects, transferring heat from one atom to another. She uses this to simply create icicles and use it for ice and snow manipulation. However, she just thinks that she can manipulate ice, snow, and cold air, as her knowledge of the mechanics of atomic structures and energy is ridiculously lacking due to her childish knowledge of the world and personality. She has frozen Danmaku bullets before, however.
Resurrection: Cirno is a fairy, and as such, can resurrect; however, she may resurrect faster than other fairies in the winter, due to her abnormal power level.

Cirno is a childish, fun-loving fairy who likes playing. She is overconfident in her ability, however, as she rarely loses against other fairies and weaker youkai. She will accept an offer to play games of a childish kind, like hide and seek or tag, and when she's bored, she tends to do relatively harmless pranks on people, or freeze frogs along the Misty Lake. She's smart for a fairy, and can make more complex plans than most, but is still dumb for someone her chronological age.

However, Cirno has little to no idea of danger, being a fairy, and doesn't really understand the difference between harmless pranks and non-harmless ones when considering their targets. She also has very little regard for life, in part due to her own immortality, and as such when humans die, she hardly even cares, assuming that they'll come back the next day. However, Cirno does care for a few people's feelings, and as such takes care to treat them properly as opposed to how she treats others.

She also has a dislike for certain species of Youkai, and especially the non-human like ones. For instance, Bear youkai and Wolf youkai regularly ate her in the ancient times, so Cirno developed a dislike for them.

She does, however, have a sweet tooth, liking chocolate, loving candy, and having a near addiction to ice cream. If you give her ice-cream, it's almost guaranteed that she'll accept you as her friend, due to her affinity with cold and love for sweet tastes.

Daiyousei: Daiyousei was one of the first fairies Cirno met; the two got along fairly well, but they did fight on occasion.
The three Fairies of Light: Sunny Milk, Lunar Child and Star Sapphire were good friends of Cirno. She defeated them, and then created a fairy court, before disbanding it. Afterwards, the three became good friends.
Mystia Lorelei: Cirno likes to visit Mystia's stand to eat Lamprey, as she has a taste for it, due to its froglike texture and appearance.
Keine Kamishirasawa: Keine taught Cirno some maths and Japanese skills recently, increasing the dumb fairy's knowledge of the world.
Friendly Rivals:
Letty Whiterock: Cirno and Letty are fairly close friends, although they like to bicker and fight a lot about who is stronger, thus making them friendly rivals. Cirno, theoretically, would be stronger were she smart enough, yet Letty and her are equal levels, as while Letty's power is to manipulate cold as a temperature, or cryooxykinesis, Cirno's power is to manipulate cold as an object.
Marisa Kirisame: Marisa and Cirno have met and fought a lot, and have bonded over the years to the point where Maris actually has decided to not kill Cirno when in a spell card battle with her. The two of them have a tentative bond, but they do like each other a fair amount.
Utsuho Reiuji: Utsuho is a hell raven, and as such, Cirno and her hate each other due to their opposite powers. Cirno personally hates Utsuho due to her power and tendency to attack her on sight.
Rumia: Rumia was one of the few Youkai to continue attacking Cirno just after she was born, and as such, Cirno has a hatred for her. This is because Cirno disliked all youkai who attacked her.
Suwako: Suwako is hated by Cirno for one reason: Giant frogs. That's all.

Hobbies: Cirno likes playing childish games and pranks, and freezing frogs as well.
Trivia: The wings that Cirno have are attatched to her back, growing out from frozen mounds.
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Re: Application: Cirno | Canon

Postby null » Thu Sep 25, 2014 2:04 am

Paints something backwards onto his head in green and the proceeds to headdeask onto the app.

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