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Red Hare | OC

Postby Charles Lightmagus » Fri Sep 05, 2014 4:42 am


Name: Red Hare
Age: ~1800+ years old
Gender: Male
Species: Horse


Coming from a rare breed of horse of the steppes and sold by a nomad tribe to the Chinese warlord Dong Zhuo, Red Hare is mostly known as being the famous steed of the Flying General Lü Bu. When Dong Zhuo took interest in the powerful warrior, he offered him Red Hare as gift so that he becomes his adopted son. Most pleased with this horse, who was unmatched by his cousins, Lü Bu took the battlefield several times with Red Hare giving him the speed and power to cross the fields without any injuries. The legend started taking form, and the common saying of that time was “Among men, Lü Bu, among horses, Red Hare”. With the legend growing, the horse started to become more aware, even intelligent as he grew more powerful each days, becoming more unique among his kind.

As time passed, Red Hare gained a mind of its own and his potential seemed unlimited. No horses could match his speed and nothing could stop him when he was moving. Spearmen would see their weapons break on the skin of Red Hare, and the unfortunate ones that dared stayed in the way were trampled and crushed by the mighty animal. As difficult the terrain would be, Red Hare would not be slowed down and he would jump with ease over all the holes and cliffs that might be on his way. He was an unstoppable force and he was praised for his beautiful red skin.
Unfortunately for his master, things were different, Lü Bu’s actions have proven bold, certainly, but also dangerous. The Flying General, after many battles, found himself stuck in Xiapi, against Cao Cao, and he was struggling. The subordinates of the mighty warrior were in panic and failed to support their lord.

The horse did not concern itself with these matters, as he was only caring about showing his might in battle, but the situation forced Red Hare to consider his options. Lü Bu as long fallen from grace as a warrior and he could hear the whispers of some of the soldiers, planning to surrender to Cao Cao and earning his mercy by bringing him Red Hare. The mighty horse was not pleased at all by this and he decided to take action. Even though the castle was under siege, the horse trampled down his cage and escaped from the stables. The noise alerted the soldiers and Lü Bu, and as he watched his horse reaching for the walls, Red Hare turned to face him, giving his former master a cold and disgusted look, before jumping from over the wall. The sound of the hooves approaching woke up the attackers, but all they could see was a red blur crossing their camp in an instant.

Even if he was free, Red Hare was chased by anyone that saw him. Most were aware that the horse escaped his former master and lot were eager to capture him to sell him or use him for their own benefits, yet all failed. Tired of being the target of such greed and unable to find anyone worthy, Red Hare searched to escape China. Getting more familiar with his power gained through the praise from his legend, Red Hare started to travel outside of China, leaving but a blur behind him. He soon learned about the world, how to understand and speak the human language, he grew more mature and wise. And yet, he couldn’t find anyone worthy, always pursued by greedy and unworthy humans.

After yet another desperate run, Red Hare finally encounters a suspicious traveler. Surprised by this horse and its ability to talk, the traveler listened to Red Hare’s story. They talked and shared stories and Red Hare was surprised to see this being standing in front of him, able to perform magic tricks that the horse would have brushed aside as mere illusions from a drunken soldier. Yet, this being was also on the run, like him. He made the foolish mistake of exposing his magic in front of humans and as a result, was hunted by them and have no choice but to run. Both agreed that they needed to leave the place, but taking a boat was too risky, not like they were many able to withstand the sea. They came up with a plan: Using his magic, the traveler would sit on Red Hare's back to help him fly, and the horse would speed across the sea to reach the Islands of the East. Departing at night, rumours from fishermen started to spread as a Red Star jumped from a mountain and started to fly over the sea, lighting the sky before disappearing over the distance.

Landing on the shore of an unknown land, the traveler and Red Hare pushed foward, deeper into the land until they found a safe spot to rest. However, the magic used on Red Hare deeply affected him, changing him from the inside, twisting his own nature. He fell on the ground, sick and weakened. The traveler, who seemed to know what was happening, managed to drag Red Hare into a cave to keep him away from danger. The horse's body as strong as it was, have not managed to completely endure the magic it was exposed to and was weakened. Embarassed by this and in need of going back to his own way, the traveler decided to put Red Hare into a hibernating state to it could easily resist and overcome his illness, as well as adapt to his new nature. Hiding the entrance as best as he can, the traveler left the sleeping horse.

Much have happened when he was asleep, unaware that the piece of land around his cave was turning into a refuge for the creatures that couldn't live with humans anymore. Finaly waking up after many centuries into a forced sleep, the beast is finaly coming out of his cave, exploring a world that he has yet to understand.


The massive red horse is surprisingly calm despite his size and strength. Not really one to open hostilities, it is somewhat curious but can easily run away if he detects any sign of danger. Would he get cornered or threatened, he may turn extremely aggressive and attack his opponent.
He treats both humans and youkai equally, waiting to see who and what is the person in front of him before taking actions. However, being treated like nothing but a beast is a sure way to get him mad.
He always have a slightly arrogant tone in his voice when he rarely talks, though he may ease up and sound more friendly to people he might respect. Do not try to get on his back by surprise, it is the best way for him to roll over and start trampling the disrespectful rider.


Through his legend, Red Hare has acquired power that he uses to already boost up his impressive physical strength and speed. He is extremely fast on the ground, very resilient to most physical attacks with normal weapons unable to even scratch him. He has a good endurance and can easily keep up for a long time. He usually attack by charging and trampling anything in its path, knocking away the opposition with great force or crushing them under his weight by jumping on them from great heights.
However, he is not without flaw, he can’t fly on his own unless a potential rider can help him to. Apart from reinforcing himself, he doesn’t have any good way to use his power to attack or defend himself and he remains exposed to concentrated magic. His power only shines if he allows someone to ride on his back, as he will be able to fully protect the rider from harm while also sharing his tremendous strength.


None, Red Hare doesn’t know how to perform danmaku in its most basic form.
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Re: Red Hare | OC

Postby JianWen » Sun Sep 07, 2014 6:14 pm

Hmm... I suppose this is sort of my field of expertise.
Ah. What I say or what my opinions are will have no effect on the acceptance of Red Hare as an OC so don't worry about my opinions. And note I speak from the views of a traditionalist, collectivist background.

I am generally neutral about the application except for a few parts. Red Hare's personality, his betrayal against his master, and being 'smuggled' to Japan.

Being smuggled into Japan. Could you elaborate that? Japan at that time was a wild land, with the only government entity being the Yamato who only had control over Southern Japan. They did not expand north and outwards to the outlying islands until much later.
Yamato did not have contact with China until around the 8th century. Very few blue water ships (as most of the ships at this time were river boats) existed. -Blue-water ships being ones that are able to travel beyond shallow waters.-
Even if the Wu did spare resources from their war effort to build such ships, the only other viable place they travel to being Baekje, Silla, Buyeo, Goguryeo... Basically the Korean Peninsula. Places where it was possible to open up another front against Wu.

The rest is simply my unsettleness with Red Hare's personality and actions. You need not pay attention to it. Red Hare's ego and actions... Red Hare's status and fame would have taken a hit where he was almost looked upon with disdain and appall. -Just like Lu Bu- His name would be shushed, simply to cover the shame.
<You see, this is what I was talking about with Romanticism. It's emphasis on achievements of "heroic" individualists, escape, rebellion against higher order, etc. >:3>
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Re: Red Hare | OC

Postby Firefluff » Mon Sep 22, 2014 2:36 am

Might as well slap an accepted on this; sorry for letting it sit for so long.


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