Important note re: characters

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Important note re: characters

Postby cxl » Thu Mar 20, 2014 4:55 am

Let me just state this clearly, as a matter of unanimous administrative decision:

There are no alternate dimensions.


There are no alternate dimensions.

Just to be perfectly clear:

There are no alternate dimensions.

No, your character did not come from an alternate dimension, a different timeline, a pocket universe, or anything of the sort. Whatever things like this may exist (The Universe, The Heavens, The Hells, Makai, Gensoukyou, Toushi Gongting, etc.) are strictly a function of EoP canon and you do NOT get to invent a new one for the sake of explaining why your character has railguns strapped to his eyeballs, rocket-fists coming out of his knees, or fusion-toenails on his hover-feet.

The following exceptions will be granted:
  • None.
  • None

Doing any of this will be grounds to have your application immediately rejected without further review.

We've had too many people try this in the past and without fail they've all been horrible characters entirely unsuitable for the worst dreck on, let alone any kind of community that even attempts to have a quality standard. If you ask, the answer is no. If you work really hard, the answer is still no. The answer has always, and will always be no.

There are no alternate dimensions.
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