First Steps with Original Characters [Please Read]

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First Steps with Original Characters [Please Read]

Postby flarp22 » Sun Nov 03, 2013 4:06 am

So you got past the community application and you feel ready to post your first OC? Well, sorry to say, but you might not be. OCs can come under a lot of scrutiny here, as reading some applications will tell you. Making an OC here is not like making an OC on, say, Gaia. This guide is here to help you get started, and what you need to consider when making an OC for Edge of Perspective.


With that out of the way, let's begin.

1: Be Original!

This may seem redundant, but bear with me for a second. You need to make sure your character is different and offers something NEW to the gaggle of characters that exist within Touhou AND the OCs that already exist. This both means that your character should not be a carbon copy of another with a few minor details tweaked, and that your character should stand out from the other J. Randoms that are otherwise just harmless NPCs. Just another human with a mundane job and no powers is not an OC, it's an expendable NPC. To clarify some more, this also means we do not want you to attempt to transplant a character from another game or anime or what have you but with a minor asthetic difference. Click the link to find out what happens when you try that nonsense. You CAN draw inspiration from another source, but again, I can't stress this enough, MAKE SURE YOU'RE BEING CREATIVE AND ORIGINAL WITH IT.

2: Don't make a self insert!

If I need to explain why not to you, get out.

3a: Know the implications of your species.
3b: Know the implications of your powers.

A set of rules that go hand in hand. 3a is simple: if your character is a vampire, for example, know how vampires work. Read up on the currently existing vampires in EoP, talk to Noctis (she's in charge of the setting and is Remilia's writer), and do some google searches about how they work. If your character was a part of a historic moment, make sure the events match up. We do pay attention to detail, so don't try and pull a fast one on us.

Note: You cannot give "unknown" as an answer for "what species is this character" unless you have a good reason explained in the app. Likewise, don't give any vague answers like "Human?" or "Youkai?" because even if the character doesn't know what they are (and again, there needs to be a GOOD REASON), that doesn't mean that the writers need to be in the dark. If you absolutely must, again, explain why in your app.

3b is somewhat more on a case by case basis. If it's a simpler power, like Mai's ice magic, then it won't need much explanation and won't cause much problems as long as the level of mastery is sensible for how old/experienced your character is; don't try to explain a 16 year old human OC with magical power comparable to Marisa's with "she's a prodigy", because that won't fly. Not a millimeter off the ground, nope. On the other end of the spectrum, if your character's power is something similar to Yukari's "Manipulation of Boundaries" or Tiandao's "Manipulation of Perspectives" and it was just a haphazard thing that you aren't paying much attention to, REALIZE THE IMPLICATIONS OF WHAT THAT MEANS. Boundaries and Perspectives, to continue the example, are vaguely defined things, which gives these two characters the ability to more or less mold reality as they see fit. If we see that your power can be easily abused to obtain absurd levels of power, we WILL take note of it and we WILL makes sure it gets hit with the nerf stick. New people are not often trusted with powerful characters right off the bat.

4: Importing an original character from another universe/RP/whatever is INCREDIBLY difficult to pull off, and is very ill advised.

The main reason for this is that elements between that universe and EoP's universe can be radically different. Additionally, some backstory elements you might or might not have written in might cause a snafu with the established canon and give our admins a headache. Once again, refer to the first point. Create a completely original character that should fit in EoP's universe.

That's all I got for now, I'll edit this post as needed to cover anything else I may have missed. I hope you've learned something by reading this, and that you'll be providing a character worth accepting into our twisted version of Gensoukyou. The only case where we'll accept a bad OC is when it's so bad that they're queued up for being served on a dinner plate. For our amusement. Consider that a warning for anyone who hasn't heeded this advice. Thank you for your time, and best of luck with your first EoP Original Character.

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