The Introduction Thread

For introductions, leaves and rejoins.

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Masaaki Kagura

Re: The Introduction Thread

Postby Masaaki Kagura » Tue Nov 27, 2012 6:20 am

1. Masaaki, Otaku, or Austin IRL
2. North Las Vegas, Nevada (GMT -8)
3. 21
4. Male
5. Masaaki Kagura and Konngara
6. College Student
7. Pretty much am a gamer, love hanging with pals, and RPing with everyone here.
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Re: The Introduction Thread

Postby PSYKO » Tue Nov 27, 2012 7:48 am

1. I'd rather be called either Sakou or PSYKO. Generally, people tend to use the former.
2. I stay in malaysia, GMT+8.
3. 13
4. Male
5. Currently RPing Fenkuan Sakou and Aya Shameimaru.
6. Near-emotionless Middle school student
7. I'm interested in various sciences, particularly Biology and Physics(mechanics in particular) as well as random trivia and medicinal knowledge. Also interested in python(programming language), some manga and anime, and to a certain extent, philosophy.
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Re: The Introduction Thread

Postby cxl » Tue Nov 27, 2012 11:52 am

  1. I have scads of names. Heaps. Piles. Tons, really. Typically, I go by cxl, but most people call me Sima (because history).
  2. Sunny South Africa, where the weather's bad, the people are bad, and the government is really bad. But I'm originally from Taiwan. My current timezone is UTC+2, but I'm usually online at night (between 11PM and 8-9AM local time).
  3. Ancient. Truly ancient. As old as the mountains and the seas. Or in more mundane terms, 50.
  4. I have none. It's a matter of personal choice. I self identify as genderless, so the correct pronoun to use for me would be "it".
    • Xiangdeng Tiandao - Yaoguai of Perspectives, Grand Yaoguai Sage of Earth. A bit less now as it's hanging around in the outside world because "raaar Gensoukyou" and "raaar Yukari" (family matters, aha)
    • Zhuge Lin - Xiangdeng's Shikigami. Probably going to be playing her a bit more, as she's now basically its ambassador to Gensoukyou.
    • Namonaki - That nameless midboss from the first stage of Ten Desires, who has a shocking amount of backstory for such a minor character.
    • Yuuka Kazami - The Flower Youkai, who might just master-spark people at random. (And who I really need to RP as more often)
  5. Overpaid IT Consultant/Professional Bullshit Merchant, occasional programmer.
  6. I'm frequently in a state of >:C, which has given me the nickname of "madmin". I consider myself a "real progammer" and look down on people who use Java and Python and such. I'm a hacker of the old-school, which doesn't mean I go around breaking into computers for fun (although I could). My PC cost as much as a small car, and I run ALL the operating systems on it (via a Xen hypervisor), consequently, I know exactly how bad windows is. I have a deep appreciation for progressive rock, and my all-time favourite song is "Starship Trooper" by Yes. I'm always threatening to work on a book, and consider myself a horribly lapsed author. I dropped out of university and still managed to be wildly successful. I'm pro Free and Open Software (FOSS), anti-government, often grumpy for its own sake, and always "ha ha only serious". I can survive in the wilderness for months armed with only a knife. I know kung-fu (not really, but I do know Taijiquan). I sleep two hours a day, but meditate regularly (I refer to it as "doing my Zen thing"). I'm drunk quite often, because baijiu is yes. I've written far more here than I've really needed to, and that's okay. Also, I might quite possibly be the internet.
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Re: The Introduction Thread

Postby Argus_Vulcan » Tue Nov 27, 2012 12:49 pm

1. Name's David Reed/Pro Enker
2. Lakewood, Colorado Mountain Standard Time, and I'm usually either on the net taking on space raiders or clashing with medieval bandits
3. 24
4. Human Male
5. Argus Vulcan/Star Sapphire
6. Freelancer (in layman's terms...I've learned my skills from all the net over)
7. Sometimes I end up getting into trouble RP wise due to my short fuse....uh, which would explain a lot, really... :lol:
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Shoutoku Miko
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Re: The Introduction Thread

Postby Shoutoku Miko » Tue Nov 27, 2012 4:15 pm

Well this seems like a lot of fun!

1. The name is Sophie. *Add me on skype hurr hurr*
2. I'm from the crazy and bad weathered land of England!
3. 17~
4. Hmm.... hard one here. Female~
5. You all know me as the Shoutoku Miko~ But you may also call me Seiga or Kyouko!
6. I'm a resident nice person (Not really)
7. (Pretend I wrote a summary here)

Nice to share and gain some information on y'all.
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Re: The Introduction Thread

Postby null » Tue Nov 27, 2012 5:58 pm

1. Makarov Kageki, Sean, Null, burning loladmin
2.I'm from the humid part of the USA. Timezone is EST (Eastern Standard Time), and I'm usually on all the time.
3. 17
4. null ( male )
5. I play:
Vetis Kageki (OC)
Femui Ganmen (OC)
Kemuri Suterusu (OC)
Ao Kuang
Daode Tianzun (Rarely)

6. Burning
7. I am on fire.

Wow, that's fucking old, ain't it? TIME TO UPDATE!

1. I still go by about all those except Makarov. If you call me that, you may die violently. ( in fact, just call me null and you should be just fine )

2. Still in "God's waiting room", Florida. EST, etc etc

3. Old enough to give myself lung cancer, drive a car, go into the army, and do many other things that being a "legal adult" would bring, but still three years away from being legally allowed to drink like a fucking fish.

4. I've stopped caring unless I'm signing documents or something equally annoying. Male, but go ahead and use whatever pronoun is suitable for my current name.

-Rinraku no Youjin Kageki: Loving father, benevolent god, romantic lover, ruthless demon god of beautiful degradation. This is what had become of Makarov and Vetis, actually. Technically still my first OC, but one that has come a long, long way.

-Fumei Ganmen: Speaks kind words and subtle wisdom and wears the faces of the long forgotten.

-Kemuri: Dropped the last name, still the adorably deadly Enenra. Disappeared for a while, came back even better.

-Ludivine Arcenaile: The artist angel that literally painted a door into Gensoukyou.

-Sunyata: Oh boy! The embodiment of what is not - contrary to existence itself. He is... fun~

-Seija Kijin: Contrary to the beliefs of other people. Deliciously rude and uncaring to most of anyone.

-Kata Kirauwa: The lonely, possessed girl who ate the face of a demon boar.


-Kashikoi Harionna: Mistress of Joren Falls. Don't expect to see her, she lives happily in Tokyo

-Shikieiki Yamaxandu: Grand judge of hell, is usually too busy yelling at dead people or braindead fairies to be around Gensoukyou.

-Rinnosuke Morichika: Unmoving shop owner. Could almost classify as the neet of storeowners

-Saras Couesii: Half-daughter of Kageki, half-sister of Chamenako, anglerfish of murky waters.

-YuugenMagan: Who? Really, she is just Makai's gatekeeper, gathering more dust than.... something really old.

-Kokeko Inuhouou: Roooooooooooster :U. Owner of a tavern in the human village.

-Nosuri and Shidare: Two characters dragged from another irrelevant RP elsewhere. Mostly in the outside world.


6. Shovelling horse shit, slinging hay bales, and moving furniture. Now if only I could actually get paid for it.

7. I am a bastard. Conversely, I am considered a kind bastard. I'm very lazy, thus too lazy to get angry. If I do get angry, though, I've been known to be rather intimidating, according to some.

I can be considered the "founder" of EoP, but not to be confused with the head admin. I just lazily threw some channels at Rizon knowing little to nothing about Touhou or IRC, gave cxl co-adminship of the happy little shit-hole, eventually fazed myself out and let the reigns get taken by someone more suitable to being head-admin as the YTRP IRC I made became what you see now as EoP. So I'm more of the founder of what later became EoP. I couldn't be more proud~

I like to roleplay. That said, I usually don't feel like roleplaying. My solution to this is force myself into roleplay and hope for the best. If you want me, don't be afraid to ask.

EoP is my first roleplay if you don't count the old YTRP we split from. Weird, huh?

I have a lot of characters and may randomly take a joke OC idea and make it a serious OC. See: Kata Kirauwa, Kokeko Inuhouou. I may also just randomly get an idea for any character, or to play any character, and take it. See: Kemuri, Shikieiki(literally woke up one morning and thought "I'm going to play Shikieiki), YuugenMagan, etc

I am very weird.
"An honest scowl over a dishonest smile, expressive ranting over silent fuming; for if you let a person go on thinking they are pleasing you, then all they'll learn is how to annoy you more."

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Postby Nazeo » Wed Nov 28, 2012 2:58 am

  1. Nazeo Aelko Nezen, Nazeo for short
  2. I hail from a variety of places, a google search of the name should be able to tell much more than I can.
    I live in -06:00 Central time, and available pretty much all the time
  3. 19
  4. I am male. Has been mistaken for a female on several occasions. Sadface
  5. Nazeo (Main OC) Lily White (Main Canon)
  6. Various.
    Some Stuff: I do work at UITS and 97E in the Army.
    I hope to change my MOS to 68W.
  7. I am second in command of the G.R.A.Y., first being Aurora, the queen of the organization.
    Disturbed is our enemy and their leader is Rattikin.
    Their second in command is Phantom Zore, who is my cousin and better than me in every way.
    I am the Can do... he is the Know-how...
...Aside from that, I have a strong interest in Touhou and things like that.
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Re: The Introduction Thread

Postby Kangeki » Wed Nov 28, 2012 6:28 am

1. Kangeki, also known everywhere else (and occasionally in OOC) as Raitaki. Can be called Rai or Kan.
2. California, GMT -8 time zone. Usually around for hours starting ~4 PM my time on weekdays (except Tues and Thurs), weekend free time extensive but variable.
3. 16
4. Male (contrary to popular belief)
5. None yet, in the middle of making an OC for submission.
6. Student
7. I enjoy playing games, reading certain types of books (I can be quite picky in this regard), and generally fooling around on the internet, especially around people. I am also severely addicted to Touhou music. For some reason, I'm an electromaniac, I like following a theme of electricity and lightning, and tend to gather static IRL as well. Also, please remember not to take a lot of things I say seriously :3 Please take good care of me~
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Re: The Introduction Thread

Postby Bai Ze » Fri Nov 30, 2012 10:42 am

  1. My name is Lawrence, and you may not call me Larry. Some people do so, but they are special, and if you try, then a horrible fate may just befall you.
  2. A lovely little hellhole that calls itself the Republic of South Africa. The timezone is UTC+2.
  3. Too young to feel this old, too old to act this young.
  4. I was still male last I checked.
  5. HAHAHA RP! I'm almost never here, so it barely counts, innit? But, purely for completeness' sake...
    • the Bai Ze - The Hakutaku, all knowing Lioncow of Comprehension. Barely shows up because Gensoukyou is boring.
    • Suiki - A very, very dangerous Oni who (like me), is forever too busy working to put in much of an appearance.
  6. Bastard Administrator from Hell.
  7. I know 1 000 000 largely useless facts. I am not a member of the nonexistent cabal. I can kill a man at 5 000 paces with a right parenthesis. I once ate five cans of whipped cream because it's delicious. I am a native speaker of binary. I posted this from a Commodore 64. At least one of these things is false.
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Re: The Introduction Thread

Postby Kasen » Sun Dec 02, 2012 9:09 pm

1. Kasen, preferably. Any of my other character's names are fine, as well.
2. Northeast US, GMT -5:00
3. 18.
4. Female.
  • Kasen Ibara: Hermit who lives in her dojo and home, both are on Youkai Mountain.
  • Tamako: Kitsune who is a student of sorts of Kasen's, but normally just wanders around doing her own thing.
  • Tokiko: Bird youkai who has an interest in reading and thoughtful conversation. Tends to be used for aimless RP rather than actual plot.
  • Yume: Youkai of Dreams. She lives in the Hall of Dreams (previously the Great Mausoleum, Miko's tomb) and wanders around looking for interesting people to toy around with.
6. Community representative, college student, occasionally an acting counselor.
7. I make an effort to be fairly friendly and nice to pretty much everyone. I respect everyone, and am fairly self-conscious about how what I do and say is perceived as by others. I tend to be fairly pleasant and easygoing, though there are things I will take very seriously. If I'm not nice about something, there's a good reason, and I'm not just being mean for the heck of it. If you come to me for help, I'll gladly assist you with whatever problem you have. Just don't hate other people - work it out instead of being rude or dismissive or whatnot. Because then I actually will >:C . Other than that, I enjoy philosophy, psychology, video games, and conversing with people. Preferably, intelligent and considerate ones.

Oh, and if I come across as blunt or uninterested about something, it's either because I'm too tired to do the thing with the emotions, or I'm... well, uninterested.
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