Discussions on Our "Canon"

Here is where you can share your headcanon/personal theories regarding the Touhou setting, in the hope that some interesting insights and/or ideas may arise.
Note: This does not mean that anything posted within is automatically included in the Edge of Perspective Roleplay's canon. This is general Touhou headcanon.

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Discussions on Our "Canon"

Postby Kasen » Mon Dec 03, 2012 12:21 am

This subforum is the place to go if you're wondering about our (EoP as a group's) headcanon. Whether you want to discuss the specific workings of kitsune magic, or want to know what exactly led to Nue going on a snack raid of Mamizou's undergarment drawer, this is the place.

Just keep these things in mind:
As far as I have seen, the admins are, 99% of the time, far more experienced with Touhou and it's myths, settings, and whatnot than pretty much anyone here. I, personally, have made an effort to read every bit of canon I can find, look up myths, and more.
Don't argue with us about any bit of the setting unless:
A) You have thoroughly researched both the actual Japanese mythology, and the connotations it would have to work with in the Touhou setting.
B) You have equally extensively looked at the headcanon half, as well. Some things have already been stated and laid out, and for good reason. This means looking through the wiki, and politely asking the people who do know.

If you want to discuss something, go ahead. But please don't argue something unless you have very thorough and consistent evidence to back up your claim. And even then, regardless of just how much you HAVE to share it with us - if you get told "We already covered that" or are otherwise asked to shoosh, please just shoosh.
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